Midland ISD Bond 2023

Midland ISD’s Bond Planning Committee was comprised of 100 parents, staff, and community members. They analyzed current enrollment, school capacities, projections, facilities assessments, and other data. Their first recommendation was made on July 25, 2023. After receiving feedback from community members and stakeholders, the initial proposal was revised with a team of architects, engineers, and the Midland ISD Board of Trustees at a Special Workshop on August 10. The final recommendation was brought to the Board on August 14, and they approved calling a bond election on August 15, 2023.

District Growth

Over the next nine years, we’re expecting enrollment to increase by 3,596 students. That’s about 400 new students every year.

The Numbers

The average age of a school building in MISD is 60 years old.
The average age of a school building in the US is
42 years old.

Buildings under 42 years old
Buildings 42 to 62 years old
Buildings over 62 years old