District Growth:

Over the next nine years, we’re expecting enrollment to increase by 3,596 students. That’s about 400 new students every year. Compared to the last ten years, which grew at 1.9%, we’re being a bit conservative with our estimate.


*Projected Total Enrollment from 2023 Demographic Report by Zonda Education
**Actual Total Enrollment as of 9/13/2023

Portables at a Glance:

We’re seeing more and more students every year, and we’ve run out of room. Without a bond, we’re projected to add 130 portables over the next ten years, bringing the district total to 245 portables. A single portable has a 25-student capacity and they supplement general classrooms at overcrowded schools. However, they are unsuitable to alleviate overcrowding of areas like the cafeteria, gym, and support spaces.